Skeins of tattered faith from the Never-Never … windblown plains and the quiet roar of the giant Aussie sky … bleak headlights drilling dust and drizzle … driven by a rhythm from somewhere between the windscreen wipers’ pulse and the exhausted, determined heart. ”

— Philip White

short bio

Two guitars, two voices.

Quiet, intimate, raw and powerful, producing a new strain of acoustic music, distilling Americana through the filter of distinctly Australian life.



Career Highlights

Recording "HIGHWAY DANCING" Album In New York with Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan and Levon Helm), Ollabelle and Martha Scanlon.

New York Guitar Festival
Americana Festival, Nashville
USA tour 2016
Adelaide International Guitar Festival
Womad Earth Staion
Port Fairy Folk festival
Apollo Bay Music Festival
24th FAI Conference, Memphis
National Folk Festival
Mullumbimby Music Festival
Queenscliff Music Festival


A few select tunes

Press Pics

Artists on Artists
 - All the Wandering (2014)

By Hayward Williams.

For some time now, The Yearlings have been calmly carving out a giant piece of real estate in the Aussie folk-music landscape. How do you do that? You find out what works for you, then you refine and polish it until it’s perfect. ‘All the Wandering’ is another gem to add to an already glittering catalog.
I toured with The Yearlings a while back, and was lucky enough to hear some of these tunes in their infancy; it was an exclusive and wonderful surprise when I heard the finished product. The changes didn’t surprise me—it was more that the songs became exactly what I’d hoped for; the kind of surprise that’s rare in this life.

Chris Parkinson, as usual, has created a sonic palate that rivals anything they’re churning out in east Nashville. With his signature guitar tone and simple yet lush arrangements, the songs jump out of the speakers and remind the listener that they’re a part of something and it’s OK to come along for the ride. His tenor flickers above the tunes and meshes, as always, with Robyn Chalklen.

Ms Chalklen happens to be one of my favorite writers. She fills the spaces between every perfect guitar lick from Chris and every meandering swell inside a The Yearlings tune with her hypnotic prose, delivered with a confidence that carries an addictive fragility. It’s fashionable to say that someone is underrated in this music universe, but Robyn Chalklen is an undervalued treasure, to be sure.

In ‘All the Wanderings’, individual crafts come together to create a polished river stone, so picking standout tracks on this record is an act of futility. Press play—they’ve taken care of everything.