Production, engineering, playing and recording.

Our recording studio.
It's our place to create and record music and be inspired by recording our friends, musicians who are all amazing in their own right and who give their music with such passion and soul, it's a great place to be.
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one eyed girl

Sessions for "One Eyed Girl",
A major Australian motion picture release 2014

soft gold

Their first self titled album.
Sarah Carroll and Marcel Borrack.
Harmonies to make you weep with joy.

the baker suite

The Baker Suite
"Your Dreaming Self"
Produced by Shane O'Mara
Engineered with Chris Parkinson,
recorded at My Sweet Mule

sara tindley

Chris Parkinson produced Sara's latest record 'Time", recorded with The Yearlings at My Sweet Mule in 2011
A beautiful record highlighting Sara's incredible songwriting and singing, embelished lightly by the band giving the songs a lilting country joy.

heath cullen

Heath recorded his version of Frank Macnamarra's poem "Botany Bay" for the Stobie Souinds release "Banished Now From My Native Shore", the poetry of Frank "the poet" Macnamarra. 2012.

john baker

"The Raft"

charles jenkins

demos for
"Love your crooked neighbour with your crooked heart"

steve ashley

Blue Highways album

tristan bird and chris altman

Recorded two songs due for a VINYL release.