Sweet Runaway 2010 / CD Hard Copy
  • Sweet Runaway 2010 / CD Hard Copy
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 We had been piecing together our studio 'My Sweet Mule', over the last few years and were keen to record Sweet Runaway there. Mick Wordley came down to engineer and he bumped up the room with some amazing ribbon mics and cool looking stuff that just smelt right! With the drums of the fabulous BJ Barker, the 4 of us spent 3 days putting it down onto our sometimes cranky 8 track 1 inch tape machine. Lyndon Gray and Richard ‘the judge’ Coates came by and played upright bass and hammond accordion respectively and after a few electric bass overdubs by Mick and myself we were done. There was a lot of sitting at the kitchen table talking arrangements then in a flurry of feathers we would run in and hit record. ‘Hey is that the dog barking?’

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