Loren Kate - Single Launch with special guests 'The Yearlings'

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Cooee Arthouse, 15A Old Coach Road, Aldinga SA 5173

One Of These Days' is the first single of Loren Kate's long awaited album, 'Nobody Knows'. Loren has a knack for weaving personal stories and challenging life experiences into glowing concoctions, this song specifically detailing the heartache of watching her brother struggle with drug addiction while also instilling a sense of hope against all the odds. Softly flowing with elegant and dominantly acoustic instrumentation, driving percussion and Loren’s silky rasp, One Of These Days is equally heart-rending and bewitching, offering a moving slice of fresh folk music that reaches delicately into your soul. With special guests, The Yearlings... Quiet, intimate, raw and powerful, producing a new strain of acoustic music, distilling Americana through the filter of distinctly Australian life. Robyn Chalklen and Chris Parkinson made their first album in 2002 and now have five studio albums in their catalogue, working alongside greats such as Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm), and building a reputation for their evocative songwriting, keen harmonies and mesmerizing live performances. The Yearlings have made numerous festival appearances at home and abroad, most recently playing shows across the USA culminating at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. "There is an almost indescribable musical lexicon that surrounds a Yearlings performance, and it is one that can barely be described, it must be seen and heard for one's self" - FasterLouder